The plaster ceiling panels are composed of a special mixture of rapid setting Alabastrino plaster lightened and reinforced with noncombustible fiberglass. The visible white surface is painted with a water-based paint in which no solvents are present, which guarantees the maximum surface uniformity, even with different production batches.


-Fire test and resistance to fire: The panels are non-combustible (Class A1), fire resistant and do not produce any kind of smoke.

-Non-toxic: TB Panels are composed exclusively of chalk and water, with thick fibreglass fibers (according to the legislation in force) deeply buried in the mixture. There are absolutely no chemical or organic substances used and no light-weight or thin fibers. For this reason the TB Panel is absolutely non-toxic, therefore particularly suitable for hospitals, kindergartens, schools, food industries of all kinds, etc.

-Durability and reliability: the purity of gypsum with which the panels are manufactured and the quality of the water-based paint used for the surface coating, guarantee their long life, longer than any other type of suspended ceiling panels, as well as maintaining their initial qualities.

-Resistance to humidity: after application, the ceiling panels are not harmed by humidity and can be used up to an index of relative humidity of 95%. This allows mounting in environments without air conditioning.

-Hygroscopicity: TB Panel has an excellent Hygroscopic characteristic. It absorbs excess moisture from its environment, and returns it gradually in dry, hot conditions, thus helping to improve the environmental microclimate.

-Flexural strength: the panels are embedded with fiberglass of a high thickness, which confers a high bending strength and protects it from accidental breakage.

-Reflection of light: The panels reflect a pleasant and diffused light. Light reflection is from 75% to 95%, depending on the type of finishing

-Good acoustic behavior: The high density of the material, the micro-surface cracks, and the use of fiberglass in the composition cause the excellent acoustical characteristics which make TB ceiling panels ideal for use in public places (shopping malls, Department stores, factories, etc.)


TBPanel Liscio (smooth)

TBPanel Bucciato

TBPanel Fessurato

TBPanel Dolomite

TBPanel Mediterraneo


All finishes are available with semi-fitted edges. Some panels are also available with the edges visible, as shown in the icons at the bottom.

Module: 600 x 600 mm Thickness: 20 mm

9 kg/m2

6 panels (2,16 m2), polyethylene shrink-wrapped and placed in cardboard boxes.

48 packs (103,68 m2), protected by cardboard corners and wrapped with stretch film. Basic measures of pallet: 114 x 114 cm, height 190 cm. Weight of pallet: approx. 1000 kgs.

The pallets must be stored in closed environment, protected from bad weather and humidity. It is imperative to absolutely avoid placing other materials on top of pallets of TB Panel.

The plaster panels are composed of a special mixture of rapid setting Alabastrino plaster lightened and reinforced with noncombustible fiberglass. The surface side has water-based paint (solvent free). The panels are 20 mm thick and completely ready for installation. The edges are either straight or stepped, (designed for mounting in semincasso or flush-mounted). The size of the panels is 600 x 600 mm. The weight is kg 9 per m2. The Panel is mounted easily, by being placed in a support framework in the shape of an inverted "T." This support, size 24 x 38 mm, type GPM, made from galvanized metal sheeting and pre-varnished, is suspended from the floor above.

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