Gypsum: the ideal component for a healthy living environment.

Gypsum has been confirmed over time as the ideal product to ensure the healthiest natural living conditions in all types of constructions. Scientific progress has determined its biocompatible characteristics and proven them harmless to our health since composed of elements compatible with our safety and well-being. Moreover, Gypsum is odorless, does not emit gases or other substances in the environment and has an extremely low intrinsic radiation value, even lower than that of the earth’s crust. Finally its low conductivity prevents electrostatic discharges and prevents the attraction of dust.

LAGES Gypsum based Plasters: comfort and reliability.

Due to the high proportion of macropors and to the open pore structure of Gypsum, Gypsum based products can take up a large quantity of humidity without becoming actually wet. This is useful when, during variations in room climate conditions, the moisture previously absorbed is released. This physical phenomenon effectively regulates the living conditions in interior rooms improving domestic comfort.