R 180i

R180i is a water-repellent dry mortar for Interior and exterior finishes, composed of cement, hydrated lime, selected sand, and additives that enhance the workability and adhesion. The maximum diameter of the sand is 1,45 mm.

Types of supports

  • Traditional hydrated lime and cement base plasters: LAGES E115c, E115f, E115w.
  • Traditional cement base plasters: LAGES E115a.
  • Base Coat mortars with a lime-cement base.
  • Cement base mortars.




Cement based




Water-resistant paper bags – 30 kgs.
Bulk in silos.


Used as a finishing coat on top of raw plasters.


Because it is hydro-repellant, R 180i is particularly indicated for exteriors. It requires the simple addition of water approximately equal to 30%, and then mixing until it is homogeneous and cohesive with a plastic-fluid consistency. Good water retention makes R 180i easy to apply and to finish.

Application is by hand like a normal finish. The thickness of the layers must not exceed 3-5 mm.