HS 35

HS35 is a gypsum based smoothing plaster for interiors. The high quality of the raw materials used and its particular formula make it almost unique in its category.

Types of supports

  • Lime-gypsum base plasters
  • Lime-cement base plasters
  • Plasterboard panels
  • Plaster articles




Gypsum Based


Base coat and skimming plasters


Bags in water repellant paper - 25 kg
Bulk delivery in auto silos


White stone Bianco di Rocca is employed as a smoothing layer on plasters used for Interiors. Can be used also over monolayer plasters, concrete based plasters and various types of masonry.


Before using Bianco di Rocca make sure that the base surface is clean and free of dust. Pour the contents of a 25 kg. sack of Bianco di Rocca in approximately 18 liters of clean water. Let stand for 5 minutes to prevent the formation of lumps, and then stir manually with a trowel or with an electric mixer on low rpm until reaching a smooth texture. Prepare a quantity of the product to be used in 40 minutes (with a temperature of 20 ° C). The amount of time the product may be used is reduced with higher temperatures.

Apply the product on the wall using a wide spatula (“American”), taking care to spread it evenly. The product may be used from a minimum thickness of 3 mm to a maximum of 8 mm for each application. Wait 20 minutes before applying the next coat.