E 115f

E115F is a premixed fiber-reinforced plaster with a base of cement, lime hydrates, selected sands and specific additives that improve workability and adhesion, with the addition of synthetic alkali-resistant fibers.

Types of supports

  • New brick walls – direct application.
  • Cement or CLC Cellular light weight concrete blocks – prepare with LAGES E22.
  • Lightweight porous bricks – prepare with LAGES E22.
  • Other support types: see LAGES recommended Ciclo products.




Base coat plasters


Lime and Cement


Humidity-resistant paper bags - 30 Kg.
Bulk delivery in auto-silos.


E115f is a mortar for both interior and exterior use. It is used as a base plaster on walls made of concrete, bricks, concrete blocks, etc. For exteriors, it is used on surfaces that may receive normal coatings, plastics, quartz based paints and similar products. For interiors, E115f can be used as a support for tiles in baths, kitchens and similar rooms. We advise carefully drying and seasoning the mortar before applying the tiles themselves.


E115f is normally applied with a spraying machine in layers of between 10-20 mm. A few minutes after spraying on a layer, it may be leveled with an aluminum smoothing tool. For thicker layers, leave it to firm, then roughen the plastered surface and then apply a second layer. E115f may normally be roughened after 4 hours. E115f is a quality product and must be prepared and used with care, in particular:

  • The wall surface must be uniform, free from dust, dirt, efflorescent salts, grease and oils, etc. Do not apply on plastered, painted or flimsy and crumbling surfaces.
  • On smooth concrete, wait for the surface to dry, treat with LAGES E22 coating.
  • For joints of different types, “drown” the alkali-resistant tape in the E115f.
  • The correct preparation of the walls (holes and cracks closed), and of the framework guides, with corner protectors etc.in place, will save time, product, and will help achieve a better final result.
  • Smoothing with a plastic or wood smoothing trowel gives a better quality to the finished plaster and makes the final finishing easier toapply.
  • For exteriors, use a relatively rough and water-repellant finish. LAGES 180i gives the best final results.