CALCE ANTICA is a dry plaster made from hydraulic natural lime, selected sands and specific additives to improve the adhesion and workability of the fresh mortar.

Types of supports

  • New brick and stone walls – direct application.
  • For other support types – see LAGES recommended Cycle products.




Base coat plasters


Lime Based


Humidity-resistant paper bags - 30 Kg.
Bulk delivery in silos.


CALCE ANTICA is used as a base plaster whenever it is desirable to use a material based on natural hydraulic lime (NHL) with a particularly low content of hydro soluble salts (SO3, Cl, Na2O, K2O). (0,05% in dry material).

Unlike cement based mortars which have a high speed of hydration, CALCE ANTICA has a modest hydrating speed and is accompanied by a good elasticity with values of less than 3000 N/mm2.


CALCE ANTICA may be applied by hand or by machine to a thickness of no more than 10-20 mm.

For thicknesses above 10 mm, we recommend the application of two or more layers, each layer moistened and roughened after a suitable interval to “tighten” and to create the surface roughness required in readiness for the next layer.