C 8

C8 is a ready-to-use plaster, made from gypsum, lime hydrates, perlite, selected sands and additives chosen to improve the workability and adhesion.

Types of supports

  • Brick walls – direct application.
  • Cement, or CLC blocks – rough coat with LAGES E22 or LAGES PRIMER. For joints between walls and reinforced concrete, use drowned alkali-resistant fiber mesh strips.
  • Lightweight brickwork – rough coat with LAGES E22 or LAGES PRIMER.
  • Other supports – see Cycle products recommended by LAGES SpA.




Gypsum based


Base coat plasters


Humidity-resistant paper bags - 30 Kg.
Bulk in auto-silos.


C8 is a base plaster for interiors and exteriors on cement, bricks, cement blocks, etc.


C8 is applied with a plaster spraying machine. Avoid interrupting the spraying for more than 20 – 30 minutes. The thickness of the layer is from 5 – 30 mm. After several minutes, it may be leveled with an aluminum smoothing rod. After two hours a metallic scraping blade may be used. When using upon a particularly absorbent or smooth subsurface use the fixative Lages Primer. The use in particularly humid conditions is not recommended. Wall surfaces to be treated must be clean, free of dust, dirt, efflorescence, oils, grease and similar. In joints between walls and reinforced concrete, an alkali-resistant web should be placed and “drowned” in the C 8 plaster, to avoid the problem of cracks.