Discover a world of positive values in LAGES Dry Wall Systems.


The LAGES Gypsum is a 100% natural and non-toxic material, with great benefits for healthy living.


Gypsum has the ability to absorb excess moisture in the air, returning it when necessary. It works as a perfect humidity balancer, for a better quality of life.


As confirmed by laboratory tests, Gypsum naturally fights the settlement of bacteria.


Gypsum is a mineral and non-combustible building material. Our gypsum-based Dry Wall Construction Systems are fireproof since they are composed of pure Gypsum without any other flammable component/additive. They do not emit harmful and toxic substances even when in direct contact with fire.


Gypsum provides high quality thermal insulation.


The solid gypsum Board provides excellent acoustic insulation though acoustic technology. Particularly high requirements for sound proofing as in apartment partition walls or corridor separating walls in hotels and hospitals can be met securely using our certified acoustic solutions.